I suppose you all have noticed my return to the TTSC by now, so I will be brief. About a month or so ago myself and Nick, the admin of this wiki, and of course thunderbirds himself, made peace. Beforehand there was some bad blood between me and Nick, the details are very personal and I don't intend on getting into that here, hope you all understand. Anyways, the past 3 years away from this community have changed me for the better, and I am glad I am able to show all of you. Microsoft Sam Black Angel is my current war series I have produced in 3 years, and im eager to start producing more towards the Earth 2 Storyline, created by myself and NodPrime. I am glad to be back home and entertaining you all again, and I dont intend on leaving for a long time. It has been revigorating to produce TTS videos again, as I missed doing youtube as a side thing besides my usual activities of gaming. I hope you guys will enjoy having me around more, and I thank you all for letting me come back to the home I made, I am eager to help it rebuild after this conflict, and see it off into a new future.

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