UPDATE: SeasonBox and SeasonBox2 are now live and ready! OvO7

This is a public list of templates that i need to create or modify. Current as of 1/12/2017.

Templates to create


Basically a semi-modified fork of {{CastBox}}, this template will have two modes-- SeasonBox and SeasonBox2.

Template Limitations

Because SeasonBox would be running modified code from CastBox (Which in itself runs modified Infobox code), the current parameter limit for CastBox is 10 characters per box (Which is why in most /Cast subpages, you see the character lists split into 2 or 3 different boxes.) My best option for this is to modify the code heavily, which oftentimes ends up breaking the code more than actually making it work. Otherwise, my only other option is to remove all the if statements that clean up the InfoBox and CastBox templates and make SeasonBox look clunky and gross.

Template Mockups

Here is what the potential SeasonBox templates could look like.


Episode Synopsis Airdate
The Shield Gets an Attitude This is the pilot episode. April 10, 2011

The basic version of SeasonBox works best when the uploads are on the creator's channel (Like with Project Take Two's episode guide.)


Episode Synopsis Airdate Provided By
The Shield Gets an Attitude This is the pilot episode. April 10, 2011 Jhonerick Arreza

SeasonBox2 is very basic as well, but is more suited for series where mirrored copies of the episodes are basically a requirement (Like the LTIB Episode Guide).

Misc. Fixes

Adjustments to SeriesBy

  • Remove the forced links-- Redlinks are uuuugly
  • Maybe change the limit there too? It's another modified InfoBox, so...

Adjustments to MulticolorInfobox and Memebox

for MulticolorInfobox

  • See if it's possible to up the limit, make it somehow better than the stock infobox.
  • Add the default Infobox colour to MI's default. Right now it just goes transparent.

For Memebox

  • Add MI's rounded corners?
  • Add default Infobox color to MemeBox too.
  • Maybe redesign Memebox so that it can use any font-family? All it'd take is a {{{font-family}}} variable.
    • But if I do that, I should rename MemeBox to something else. That, or put the font-family code into MI.

Other Notes


At any rate, I should create a test infobox template so that I can test my theory about raising the Infobox's 10-line limit. Right now, I'm not actually sure how well that'll go without the infobox breaking completely (as it is known to do...), but it should in theory work if I get the code just right. I wonder what causes it to break in general? Will have to test further, I reckon.

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