(might as well update this for general pages/templates that have to be created, right?)

Up to date as of 3/3/2017. Happy Switch Day!

Changes to the Starter Kit

New Pages/Subpages

  • Voice page
    • I don't think I'll have room to contain all of the downloadable voices i want to share on the TopNav-- so maybe i'll turn this into a page of it's own.
      • On that note, i should totally make a list of voices i need to upload. I won't be sharing my IVONA collection b/c that'd be piracy, but I can probably share the free voices I have downloaded.
  • Music links!
    • Links to things like Incompetech. I don't know if I'll actually do this either, but it's something I'm definitely considering.
  • Changing the topnav tab?
    • I might change it from "Creator Resources" to either just "Resources" or "Starter Kit." I don't know just yet; but i'll think of something.

Changes to misc. Wiki things

Changes to the Community Corner box

I've posted a blog post of what I might change the Community Corner box to. Obviously, this probably won't be finished when you click on it-- it'll be finished when it goes live.

Template Updates

  • Complete rewrite of SeriesBy.
    • I'm probably gonna end up deleting it and then updating it with the modern infobox code. Sure it sounds dumb but hey, I'm dumb.
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