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Series by SOSOwner

Funny Signs

An old series. Used to be released every month

Windows Errors

An old series. Used to be released occasionally

Funny Errors and Signs

The new series by SOSOwner, Released every 3 weeks, roughly.

Sammy's Short's

A series of shorts, mainly in-between seasons or between certain episodes. Released occasionally.


Random junk that's not in a series, released whenever.

The Greatest Sam

Not a series, but an entire movie. Hope to be released in 2020.

TheTenthGoat (also known as SOSOwner (YT) and Thomasmina1423 (RBLX & DSCRD)), is a TTS Video Maker, YouTuber and a Roblox Player.

Series Involved In:

  • Funny Signs (SOSOwner's Series) [Info] [Episode List] (POSSIBLE CANCELLATION)
  • PBS 1970 Ident Bloopers (CANCELLED)
  • Windows Errors (SOSOwner's Series) (CANCELLED)
  • SG Bloopers (SOSOwner's Series) (CANCELLED)
  • Bravo (UK) 1997 Ident Bloopers [Info] [Episode List]
  • SOSOwner Intro Bloopers [Info] [Episode List]

Enhanced Video Time (EVT)

SOSOwner had quite a bit of EVT

  • Summer Break (every year) - 6 weeks of EVT
  • Halloween, February & May/June HTH's - (Usually) 1 week of EVT each
  • Christmas & Easter Breaks - (Usually) 2 weeks of EVT
  • Easter Break 2018 - 1 week, 5 (and a bit) days of EVT (busy on 4/6/18 - 4/8/18, part busy on 4/9/18)
  • The INSET days - 1 day of EVT each (5 in a year).

Unexpected EVT

There was some Unexpected EVT during all of that time.

  • W/B 2/26/18 - Beast from the East - 4 days of EVT (no snow fell on that Monday)

What about the Fall?

None of us know.

  • He was a Platform Supervisor (PS) in the Roblox group: Stepford County Railway, he left because of his firing. He still works for their unofficial wiki.
  • He owns 2 Roblox groups (both of which make up 1 group)
  • He used to own 5 groups at one time (3 of the failed ones were sold off to one of his Roblox friends)
  • There are 3 channels in the SOSOwner Family of channels (SOSOwner, Rain_Bow & Pop tart Man)
  • He was a Senior Signaller in the Roblox version of Tyne & Wear Metro (TWM), he left because of a false accusation. He has been to Newcastle since then.
  • He is actually a developer for Project: Southend (which is a project to build the entire Southend Metro system, albeit delayed.
  • He is part of Team Escape


  • Did you know that he got a warning for a silly reason on Roblox (Unreadable text on a model)?
  • Did you know that his channel first began on 8/17/16 (August 17, 2016)?
  • Did you know that he originally didn't upload TTS Videos (That came on March 25, 2017)?
  • Did you know that he is part of the TTS Wiki Discord?
  • Did you know that he has a whole record label (SOS Records)?
  • Did you know that this trivia section is getting boring?
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