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This is me just chilling!

Hi, I'm Minty, formerly known as Kitty. I am the owner of the Lunar Flare YouTube channel chain, and a MS Sam video creator!

My old account, EpicKitty88, was hacked and my password doesn't seem to be working. I don't know if the hacker just changed the password to tick me off or if there was some damaging content posted from my account. But if the account was banned, please leave it banned for safety. Therefore, I'm using a new account, named for my channel. You can find my Microsoft Sam videos on my 18+ channel, btw.

I'm also a game developer, but no games for Sam and his friends are currently planned since the old Pokémon game I had was eventually completely lost with the breaking down of my computer. But don't worry! I'm working on a movie that might easily become an RPG! The movie is called The Two Sides of Minty. Starring Microsoft Sam, his three siblings (Mike, Mary, and Anna), and both my fictional counterparts (Minty the Good Witch and Kitty), they must now defeat the She-Devil and her evil minions before the entire island where they live falls to her rule. The protagonists live in an alternate dimension called the Magic Dimension, a place that fills the void between the Human Dimensions and Yo-kai Dimension. This world is the setting for my self-made anime, Major Minty Saga. More info will be posted on my blog and eventually the wiki will hold a page for the movie!

I only have two MS Sam videos, but more will come!

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