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Thunderbirds101, WSAM0TV, ventures58, Anyone here who tries to help out here.


Braindead morons


999,999,999 quadrillion years old


Blittle McNilsen


I am the creator of the character Radar Overseer Robert. Robert is currently the commander of an army of Mutant Ninja Tacos from the Pieway Galaxy, and gives them orders to steal people's bagels from time to time, though all of this is kept entirely secret from all other text-to-speech voices that are not part of his forces. Anybody else who finds out will be promptly killed to stop word of his army from spreading. He is currently planning to take over the moon and start a civilization of his said army. Though he is the commander of this army, I am the commander of him, and thus he still has to have his evil plots approved by me before doing anything. If you read this far, you need to get a life to continue.


BlittleMcNilsen 05:04, April 12, 2011 (UTC)


I have 3 identities on this wiki. This is my primary one, while the other two are anonymous IPs. One is I don't use it anymore, for the simple reason that I can't use it anymore. My IP address changed to, so when I am not logged in all edits will be under that "name" it's changed again, so yeah.... The reason I would edit anonymously when I already have an account is because the cookies in my browser keep me logged in, and I never bother logging out, so I forget my password and then am too lazy to retrieve it via email, so I just edit anonymously until I feel like getting my password back.

Wait...was it really necessary to explain all of this? Because I doubt you care.

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