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Gabriel Emanuel Laranja


Copying every Logo Blooper channel he sees
Tricking everyone into subscribing to him


Unknown, but most likely under the age of 13, acts like an adult



FANDOM accounts

7 (4 blocked)



Since 2018, there have been many fake Logo Blooper channels on YouTube that are suspected to all be run by a kid named Gabriel Emanuel Laranja.

Channels copied by Gabriel

  • the real davemadson (also former channels "davemadson davemadson," "davemadson," and "dnm728part3"): the real Jonathan Franco-Martin (formerly Jonathan Franco-Martin Jonathan Franco-Martin, Jonathan Franco-Martin and same former username)
    • When davemadson davemadson renamed his channel to "the real davemadson," Gabriel didn't change his fake Jonathan Franco-Martin channel to be "the real Jonathan Franco-Martin." Instead, he renamed his fake davemadson channel to be "The Official davemadson Channel." The "Jonathan Franco-Martin Jonathan Franco-Martin" channel was renamed "the real Jonathan Franco-Martin" in January 2021.
  • ASTROMADSON (davemadson's Future cousin): Austin Franco-Michael
  • Jonathan Franco-Martin: davemadson
    • After finding out about the fake channel, Jonathan (who later transitioned to Luna) privated all of her TTS videos to prevent Gabriel from copying them. When Gabriel realized he's now unable to the videos, he used Dave's storylines instead. Most episodes of the original series which was copied are now permanently lost in their unedited original versions, and the original "Jonathan Franco-Martin" channel was deleted in mid-2021.
  • Jon101Smith: same username
  • Pip2010 (Now known as Pip Pip): same username
  • ELIAS2000 Films, Inc.: Jacob Corey Enterprises, Inc.
  • Wallace and Gromit Forever! (Sion Jones): Sesame Street Forever!
  • P-Head (formerly VictorDanielTheLegend187, 20th Century Fox Fan 2008, MediaVenezuelanLogoEditor163 and Victor Daniel the Object Thingy): Pac-Man (formerly the same username, MediaBrazilLogoEditor101 and Mihnea Victor Vulpe)
  • Geraint Lewis: Emmanuel Llanos Paz
    • Unlike Geraint's LTIB series, the gang tries to get the 2014 FIFA World Cup bumper right like ELIAS2000.
  • Astromadson
    • This an alternate copy of either Dave or Astro's channels.

FANDOM accounts

  • Mihneavictorvulpe12345 (blocked)
  • JonathanFrancoMartinFan2009 (blocked)
  • dnm728part3 (rendered as Dnm728part3 for technical reasons) (blocked)
  • Yolanda14 (blocked)
  • AidenS2003 (though he doesn't mention the fake things mentioned above in this account)
    • It's unknown if the AidenS2003 account is run by him.
  • Astromadson
  • ParaWarnerViacom-21

Series made (and copied) by him


  • He claims to be the owner of the original channels that were copied by him.
  • He strongly believes davemadson's shows began way before 2010 and 2011 (e.g. him claiming LTIB started in September 1997 and 2002).
  • According to the username MediaBrazilLogoEditor101, he lives in Brazil.
  • This person is one of a few people to be on Bloxia's Legal Injunction.