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PBS 2009 Logo Bloopers
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Created By

Sion Jones


October 12, 2020-?

TTS Voices used/voiced by

Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Mary, Microsoft Anna, LH Michael, LH Michelle, TruVoice, and RoboSoft voices





PBS 2009 Logo Bloopers is a formerly series made by Wallace & Gromit Forever! to based on videos Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers.

Episode Guide
PBS 2009 Logo Bloopers' list of episodes.
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Character List
PBS 2009 Logo Bloopers' character list.


  • Sion Jones as himself (33-), Sionette the Kind, Talking Tom, Talking Ben, Dark Emperor
  • Microsoft Sam as himself and Zubashi
  • Microsoft Mike
  • Microsoft Mary
  • Microsoft Anna (14-)
  • British Male as LH Michael and Winnie the Pooh
  • British Female as LH Michelle
  • Adult Male 1 as Guy (1-29), Scotty (30-) and Clippy
  • Adult Male 2 as Jimmy
  • Adult Male 3 as Hank
  • Adult Male 4 as Guy/Guy the White (41-70; 82-)
  • Adult Male 5 as Daniel Bryan
  • Adult Male 6 as Mr. Public and his evil twin
  • Adult Male 7 as Harvey Zilth (74-)
  • Adult Male 8 as Sidney (58-)
  • Adult Female 1 as Beulah
  • Adult Female 2 as Abby
  • RoboSoft 1 as the sound of Sam barfing, the Windows XP Blue Screen of Death (30-84), the Red NYET (82-84), the Viacom "V of Doom" (84), the ВИD "Mask of Guo Xiang" (84)
  • RoboSoft 2 as the BP Shield (4), the Viacom V of Doom (10), the BND "Mask of Guo Xiang" (27), Klasky-Csupo Splaat (28), the Westinghouse logo (31), the 1997 Bravo UK Logo (38), Lucifer McEvil (13-), the Angry P-Head (54-)
  • RoboSoft 3 as himself, the sound of Mike barfing, Judge Fairly (63)
  • RoboSoft 4 as Angela the Angel (13; 30; 43-)
  • RoboSoft 5 as the sound of Mary barfing (alternative), Lucretia McEvil (21-), the "Nurse" (33) (Actually Lucretia.), the Mysterious Woman (91) (Actually Lucretia.), the Two-Headed P-Head (55-), the Screen Gems "S from Hell" (84)
  • RoboSoft 6 as the sound of Mary barfing, the Two Headed P-Head (90)
  • Tom Kenny as the French Narrator (19)


  • A playlist with all the episodes can be found here.
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