Microsoft Sam Reads Not So Funny Windows Errors is a series created by Pieboy6000.


Series 1 began on August the 28th 2009.

Microsoft Sam Reads Not So Funny windows


Status: Airing

Began: August 28th 2009

Series' complete:

Series 1, Series 2

Series In Progress:

Series 3



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It ended on the 28th of March 2010 due to Pieboy6000 not having much motivation. Series 2 eventually started and ended aswell.

Series 3 started up, but is on hold, because Pieboy6000 lost interest for a little bit, aswell as school beginning to take a bit of a higher priority than the video making.

In series 1, Sam was just reading errors for episode 1. However in episode 2, a character calld maS tfosocriM appeared, who was later known as Reversed Sam. It went back to some errors after, but Reversed sam popped up once more, and captured Sam! He then called an airstrike on the building, but unknown to everyone, the forces of Speakonia shot the plane down, causing it to crash into the building, killing everything except Sam, RoflRobot #28426 and a computer.

In series 2, Sam finds a computer which has Windows XP Absolute seizure edition. However, Another nemesis appears.
Radar Zombieseer Scotty. Scotty has risen from hell once more to get revenge on Sam! It turns out, scotty revived Microsoft bob, who was killed in Season 3 of funny windows errors, and they unleashed the really sucky virus on sam when he forgot his virus updates.

However, towards the end of Series 2, Scotty, now living again, no longer needs Bob, So he tells him He will die, Bob however was prepared, and throws a molotov at Scotty.
Pissed as shit, and burned to a crisp, Scotty brutally murders Bob with a chainsaw to the stomach.

Scotty was then being hunted by Sam Mike and Mary, who were aboard one of his ships.

The second Season 2 Finale attempt was remade 3 times, the entire Scotty's army thing was just placed as a dream, and Sam went back to reading more Errors, because Pieboy couldn't be arsed trying to get all of the shit done.

Series 2 was finally completed on the 1st of August 2010.
Series 3 began airing on 25 September 2010, and is the longest running series yet, the 4th episode being uploaded in September 2011. Pieboy plans to revive the series after his exams, however he plans to end the 3rd series at episode 5 as it has been running for almost 2 years. This never came to fruition, and the series was (formally) cancelled nearly 4 years after starting in late 2013.


Pieboy6000 lost all motivation until RorytheRetrokid requested an error, so he knew someone watched his videos. The series has been running for nearly three years due to a massive gap between episodes in Series 3.