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Microsoft Mike (born February 21, 2006) is one of the main text-to-speech voices in Windows XP and is also available in other TTS programs like Speakonia. He reads errors and signs on occasion when Microsoft Sam is unavailable. He often serves as a foil/back-up for Sam and indulges in looking at pictures and errors, or as a sidekick to whatever schemes he has in mind. He plays Left 4 Dead 2 in Pieboy6000's SAM MIKE MARY n SCOTTY Play L4D2.


Microsoft Mike, as done by other users.

Alternate Continuities

Mike wearing his Universal Pictures logo shirt

Microsoft Mike, as he appears in CDiFan237's early videos.

Microsoft Mike, as he appears in CDiFan237's later videos.

Microsoft Mike, as he appears in mutsuloveproductions's videos.

There are currently plenty of continuities relating to Microsoft Mike, and all of them are uniquely different, depending on the user:

Lamboguy633 concept of Mike

  • In the Wonka0111 Universe, Microsoft Mike is Sam's brother and he is friendly, but is not related at all to Mary, and Microsoft Sam is dating Mary.
  • In the Akriloth2160 Universe, Microsoft Mike, Sam, and Mary are friends, both Sam and Mike are not romantically involved with Mary, and Scotty's first clone was corrupted, and never became evil. A war known as The Epic War was fought in this Universe.
  • In the Supermariogeek7979 Universe, Microsoft Mike and Sam are brothers, but Mary has no blood relations with them. Mike is also dating Mary, who was once with Sam, but they broke up. Sam and Scotty are best friends, and Gordon leads an army of Taco Warriors from Domingo0022's Palace on Earth 2.
  • In the Dantheman2funny Universe, Microsoft Sam, Mike, and Mary are considered siblings, as they live with Bill Gates in his million-dollar mansion. Sam gets up to all sorts in the 2Funny Universe, such as reviewing funny videos, playing video games, looking at funny pictures, and even going on adventures.
  • In the Thewarragulman Universe, Microsoft Sam, Mike, and Mary are brothers and sister. They used to live with Sam and Mary is Sam's wife.

    Davemadson's Microsoft Mike

    Sam and Mary have 2 kids named Angela and Lilith like in The Sims trilogy, as the universe relates there. But not much is known yet.
  • In the warc9 Universe, Microsoft Sam, Mike and Mary are brothers and sister. They live in the warc9 mansion. Most of the time, Sam is on his computer reading errors...and getting viruses e.g. The Rainbow Virus and the WTF Virus.
  • In the Thunderbirds76 Universe, Microsoft Mike and the gang live in the Thunderbirds76 TV Headquarters, an over £9000 mansion on the outskirts of the town that Thunderbirds76 lives. Mainly, Sam is on his PC Reading errors. At other times, he is eating IWAY Cookies or performing experiments in the labs.

    AceOfSpadesProduc100's concept of Mike

  • In the EmergencyRanger88 Universe, Microsoft Mike, Sam and Mary are brothers and sister. They used to live on Earth, but after the devastating events as mentioned above, Mike, Sam, and Mary escaped from Earth and were welcomed aboard the EmergencyRanger88 Space Station.
  • In the RorytheRetrokid Universe, he is friends and colleages with Mike and Mary, they all live in Canada, where RorytheRetrokid has offices, they live and work there. They can be seen doing various things, from Sam playing his Sega Saturn to drinking Coca-Cola.
  • In the Pieboy6000 Universe, Microsoft Sam, Mike, and Mary follow the same rules as Thunderbirds101's Universe, as they live in the United LOLs of ROFLica; however, they still don't get along, making this a very small difference.
  • In the WSAM0TV Universe, Microsoft Mike, Sam, and Mary are brothers and sister and Scotty is their cousin. They live in a house. Microsoft Jacob is their brother. (Jacob's Voice is actually Adult Male #2.)
  • In the Capa881 Universe, Microsoft Sam, Mike and Mary are brothers and sister, when Scotty is just Microsoft Sam 'sclosest friend. He never showed up as Scotty, but as a Robot, because his body was almost blown up. They all live in Portugal but Sam and Scotty go to Capa881 Space Station for safekeeping. Sam reads the error and gets pissed of fwith some. Some of them even come in Portuguese and Scotty has to read it for him. Microsoft Sam's PC has been destroyed five or six times already and Scotty has been thrown out of the Spaceship once.
  • In Toons4You Universe, Mike happens to be Mary sister. Once that happen Medicrosoft Sam became his Best Friend. he might Help him read the Errors but in real Lile. things just got way worse After Xp!
  • In FirestrikeZeppelin Universe, Mike is President of Computer Warfare in the Byzantine Republic. He is a member of the trans-faction group, the Cult of Errors. He reads errors more often than Sam.
  • In the kittykat29 Universe (aka Microsoft Island) Mike is King Sam's heir in case he dies. He actually took over temporarily when Sam was killed by a bomb. Once Sam came back he gave the ruling position back to him.
  • In the Lamboguy633 universe, Mike is friends with Sam, Mary, Scotty, and Lamboguy. He lives with everyone in Lamboguy's house. Mike is depicted as having short hair and drinking a can of Dr. Pepper.
  • In the Thunderbirds360TV universe, Mike, Sam and Mary are blood brothers/sister, and Scotty is their

    AngusMcTavish's version of Mike, as seen on Shawn Wooten's Walt Disney Home Video Logo Bloopers

    cousin. They live in LOLzil. Sometimes they go to Matth360's space station if anything bad happens, like an earthquake.
  • In ThePermian99 universe, Mike is Sam's cousin who accidentally pisses Sam off sometimes. The relationship between Sam and Mike was inspired by ThePermian99 (as Sam) and his sister (as Mike).
  • In the Cooper TV Studios Universe, Mike and Sam are twin brothers.  They live in the same house as Scotty, Anna, and Mary. Mike works in the West ROFL River Lighthouse. He has only appeared in Episodes 2 and 5 but will make another appearence in Episode 10.  In Season 3 and on, Mike lives with Microsoft Sam and the rest in Manchac City. He works as a riverboat mechanic.
  • In the mutsuloveproductions universe, Mike is one of the main characters, alongside Sam, Anna, and Mary.
  • In the nkrs200 Universe, Microsoft Mike parallels the Microsoft Mike from Thunderbirds101's videos. The only major difference is that Mike was briefly an antagonist in nkrs200's Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors Season 3 Finale. Mike returned to his prior state in the very beginning of the Season 4 Premiere.
  • In davemadson's universe, Mike is Mary's girlfriend, and he doesn't like being called an asswipe. Because of this, Sam rants about this especially in Heads Up!, the 49th LTIB episode, Sam bailed him to jail because he denies about he was an asswipe and tried to stop Mary to save him, but Dave did at the end.
  • In Mitchell Productions/AceOfSpadesProduc100's universe, Mike is Sam's youngest brother, and he hates being called female and when he does get called a female, he bellows out "I DO NOT TALK LIKE A LADY YOU AS--" and Sam slaps him and says "Yes you do. Now please shut up". He will play as Luigi (Weegee) in Sam's family-made show.
  • In Guyisbackable universe, Microsoft Mike is Sam's brother. They relate well and do their jobs (together) with their mother Abby. Sam does making joking errors for Mike while Mike goes to Sam's room to read. Mike lives in Guy City with his brother Sam and their mother Abby, and also with their father Hank. Mary often visits Sam and Mike but she lives in a house next to Sam's and Mike's house.
  • In Damien23211's Universe in the Universal Pictures logo bloopers series, Mike is working for animating the Universal Pictures logo
  • In the nTEXTtospeech Universe, Microsoft Mike, Mary, and Sam are brothers and sisters. And he likes Pizza with Coke. He also likes playing bowling, and he's pro at it.
  • In TheArcadeProductions universe, Mike is the president of the United LOLz of ROFLica after Sam had resigned in Microsoft Sam and LOL War 1. He and Sam were childhood friends until they were separated in high school. They were reunited when they attended the same college, ROFL University.
  • In Scdaniel9000™'s universe. It is the same as nkrs200, but not usually that Sam loves Mike
  • In TimvanIconer101's universe, Mike is a cosplay of Mike of Thunderbirds101. He is unemployed and illiterate. So there. xD
  • In Aginnon's universe, Mike is the brother of Sam, born in Soi Francisco, CA (San Francisco), his former job was an office worker, was fired when he was 27, unlike Sam (which he was serving in the military for six years), he likes to drive around in his Chevrolet Silverado until he got an argument with Sam. Now he drives a 1997 MGF which he purchased a month after his Silverado was crashed off a cliff. Somehow he likes using revolvers with 44 caliber bullets, petrol bombs, and even a fan of rocket launchers. More often, he still wears his office uniform after he was fired, or on some occasions, Sam's borrowed t-shirt.
  • In the DAU, Mike is in a polyamorous relationship with Sam and Mary. The gentlest of the three, he tends to go along with their plans, even if he doesn't consider the plan to be a "good idea." Being genderfluid, he hates it when people steal his binder but always has an extra just in case.
  • In the Koopa Bros's universe, Mike has the same personalities of Thunderbirds101's Mike, but he's a huge fan of Digimon, which opposes with Sam being a huge Pokemon fan.In
  • Commodore James Universe, Mike is entirely similar to both TB101 and nkrs200 looks in CC's stick figure drawing of Mike. Mike is responsible for being the sharpshooter of United Nonstop, however, in sometimes he draws attention to his superintendent for any important events. Mike was the only character in United Nonstop who created the Absolute Earth.
  • In TheROFL98's universe, Mike is siblings with Sam, Mike, Mary, and the rest of the Microsoft Voices, and works with them at TheROFL98 TV Studios. Sometimes, he rants about the fourth wall, much like SamJoe404's Mike.
  • In the CigarettesAshtray Filming Studios universe (now controlled by Sam and renamed to TheBrisbaneKid Universe), Mike is Microsoft Sam's and Mary's brother, with an identical look in a stick drawing with nkrs200 and TB101 except he has hair officially, matching his eye colour.
  • In MC Chase's universe, he is mentioned a few times, but was not seen on screen until now. He does random stuf, but is not called a lady, despite talking like one.

Famous Quotes

  • Shut Up!, You Son of a bitch.


  • It was discovered in Wonka0111's video "Microsoft Mike's Space Adventure 05" that Mike cannot say the word 'Teletubby' correctly; instead, he says it 'Teletoobie' (which sounds similar to Telepathy).
  • He is a fan of English people.
  • Whenever Microsoft Sam makes fun of him sounding like a female, in certain timelines he says "I do not talk like a lady, you asshole!" and then Microsoft Sam tells 'him' to make him a sandwich in the kitchen or something else.
    • To make him talk like a lady, just adjust Mike's pitch to near the Middle, and he could talk like a lady.
      • The way he responds to Sam for calling him a lady varies on who made the video and what video.
        • Sometimes, he'll respond by talking about going to a "safe space".
          • The joke is sometimes lampshaded as being an ancient joke.
    • Other times, in the case of davemadson, Sam just calls him an asswipe, and says he doesn't have anything to call him.

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