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Microsoft Geezer as he appears in "Microsoft Mike's Space Adventure."

Microsoft Geezer is a character of dual identities: both an old geezer and a crime-fighting superhero.


First Appearance

Microsoft Geezer first appeared in Episode 7 of "Microsoft Sam's Error Adventure ," along with his sidekick, the YouTube Audio Preview Voice. As then-Microsoft Anna described him, "It's some crazy old guy dressed up like Batman." Microsoft Geezer was able to rescue Microsoft Sam, Mike, and Mary from Steve Ballmer and Tux, and later revealed to them that he was actually Microsoft Sam's grandpa, shortly before a newly-transformed Linux Anna revealed her plans for world domination using her Tux clone army.

Other Appearances

Microsoft Geezer was briefly referenced in "Linux Anna Is Forced To Read Insane Errors " as one of the title character's captors. He has featured prominently in "Microsoft Mike's Space Adventure " as the pilot of both Sam's ROFLcopter and a ROFLliner that he found somewhere. However, as he does not have a whispering mode for his voice, he accidentally got the group into trouble, leading to their capture. Later, after their escape, he joined the group in slipping past Linux Anna's fleet and infiltrating her fortress. He aided Microsoft Sam in the battle against Linux Diarrhanna and is currently residing in the Wonka0111 Asteroid Fortress guarding Linux Diarrhanna and three Tux Clones.

During the subsequent "Files from the Wonka0111 Asteroid Fortress" one-shot videos, he features in the introductions as one of the guards for the fortress prison, alongside Colonel Ramirez . He tends to get frustrated with his partner, who often does things like leaving the box of Stupid and Weird Signs to be inflicted on Linux Diarrhanna in his pocket.


  • Microsoft Geezer is voiced by Adult Male #4, American English. His voice is, coincidentally, a deeper version of the one used by Tux and the Tux clones.
  • It is unknown whether Microsoft Geezer is the same as Sam's Grandpa featured in "Microsoft Sam's Grandpa Reads Funny Windows Errors."
  • Microsoft Geezer can apparently conjure up ROFLliners and ROFLavigators out of nowhere.