Microsoft David (or "Microsoft David Desktop - English (United States)") is a text-to-speech voice that replaced Microsoft Anna, alongside Microsoft Hazel (UK), and Microsoft Zira (US), and is featured on Windows 8 and Windows 10. He is also a small, short-lived antagonist in Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors by nkrs200

Early Life

Microsoft David was a prototype Speech Engine for Windows 8 and seems he is to be ready to replace Microsoft Anna from Windows 7 alongside Microsoft Hazel and Zira. When Natural Microsoft Sam was interested about being on Windows 8, he seems to be jealous but happy that he got a new male friend more natural than himself.

David's Debut (nkrs200)

In Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (Season 4 Episode 7) by nkrs200, David was debuted with the launch of the new Windows 8 Error Requests (sample shown below).
Windows 8 Error Message

This is a custom made error message that was created in PowerPoint by nkrs200.

These error requests are something that is kind of new to nkrs200. He debuted with Microsoft Sam restarting into Windows 8, where he threatened to hunt down Sam for reading too many errors. (David only let him read 3.) He later is killed by Jason Vorheez in Season 4 Episode 9, but he has been referenced in a few errors since.

David's Return (nkrs200)

David returned in nkrs200's Season 8 prologue, being "reprogrammed" by Oak. In Season 8 Episode 1, David was resurrected by Oak where he asks himself to he rather die or see his lawyer. Oak reveals his plans to David by using Hazel and Zira to make something worse. Then, he executes David into a room but escapes out and try looking for Microsoft Sam. While he was found that David Desktop is alive, Sam had told him that Zira wants to hunt him down. In Season 8 Finale, the NSA hunts Sam, Mike, Mary, Scotty, Anna, Bacon, David, and nkrs200, they found a shortcut to survive from the NSA. However, Zira had found them to try to beat Sam using a taco. A few moments later, they surrounded by Zira, but David had a must to kill her cause of knowing each other for a long time.

mutsuloveproductions' Universe

In mutsuloveproductions' universe, he is a minor character who appears in certain episodes, as well as Microsoft Sam's cousin. He is a kind, gentle Windows 10 desktop computer who helps others out.

Thunderbirds205's Universe

In Thunderbirds205's universe, he's kind in Season 2-6 of Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (Let's Read Funny Windows Errors).  In Season 2, David has been introduced as a new character for Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors and soon (Microsoft Sam reads Not So Funny Windows Errors). There, Microsoft Sam, Mike, Mary, Scotty (Radar Overseer Scotty In Other Universes), and David Desktop, in the world, there are errors made with PowerPoint 2010. In Season 7-14 of that show, he's joining with Jason Vorhees to kill Sam.
TB205 David

This is David Desktop on Thunderbirds205, in Season 2-6

David (Evil)

David Desktop when he's evil in Season 7-14

AceOfSpadesProduc100's universe

He's the oldest brother of Microsoft Sam and made his first appearance in MSSAM TV Episode 1.
David AOS

AceOfSpadesProduc100's concept of David.


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  • Some of his pictures were blue-eyed instead portrayed as computers in 2 universes.
  • He has 2 personalities, which is depending on the user.
  • He's also can become a main Protagonist just like in Microsoft David reads Hilarious Windows Errors which also where:
    1. 1. He's on the wanted list for the NSA.
    2. 2. He likes tacos as he steals from Sam.
    3. He has the power not to be killed because TTS Voices can't die in the series.
    4. he always likes to watch porn.
  • Depending to stay in Windows 8 and later, David was the first male voice to stay in 3 Windows Versions alongside Zira. This also applies to Anna only 2 versions while Sam has only his version replacement but his name was kept for Narrator.
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