Microsoft Billy Mays is a character in Thunderbirds101nkrs200, WSAM0TV, Joshua Rocha, SOSOwner, and rarely in AceOfSpadesProduc100's videos. He is voiced by Microsoft Sam.

Microsoft Billy Mays


  • Diarrhea Dump Deluge
  • Bottle of Air
  • Temporary File Transcoder
  • Friendly Taser
  • Seizure Remote
  • IWAY Cookies (made by IWAY Inc.)
  • Butt Massaging Toilet
  • WTF Train
  • Anti-NSA Software (resulted in him being sent to the NSA Jail)
  • Tacos
  • Michael Bay Button
  • Baloney Sandwich Incinerator
  • Chad Earthquake laxative drink
  • Computer Explosion Button (Seen in Joshua Rocha's series)
  • Food Incinerator
  • Cancel Explosion 6000
  • Anti-NSA Shield (resulted in him being sent to the NSA Jail again)
  • iTaco
  • Bacon Burning Microwave (Seen in SOSOwner's series)
  • IWAY CookiePops (made by IWAY Inc.)
  • Compact-Portable-Wireless-Universal-Poweroutlet (seen here as Microsoft Anthony Sullivan, Microsoft Billy May's alter ego)
  • User Interactivity (Used in nkrs200's, SOSOwner's, Thunderbirds101's, etc's. Series('))
  • PasteAll
  • Smart Tape
  • Food For All Food Generator (NTEXTtospeech)
  • ROFLcookies (RRFWE S2E2)
  • Thunderbird Tower Offices

Billy Mays Existence

Billy Mays went a lony way with his existence, and by that, he went through many TTS episodes.

Billy again would promote products listed above on the channels mentioned.

Billy Mays Appearance Again?

It is possible that sometime, Billy may have a new product that may interrupt MalachiThornsburgTV's episode with a product called "Taco Soda."