Lucifer and Lucretia McEvil, formerly called the Devil and the She-Devil, were the main antagonists of most logo blooper series, including LT Bloopers, as well as some non-logo bloopers series such as Funny Signs. They lived in Hades (Logo Bloopers Series) and Satan's Kingdom (Funny Signs).


Lucifer has a Zorro mustache, and holds a pitchfork in his hand. He has no hair, but a black goatee. Lucretia has brown hair, and a boomerang-shaped grin. Her hips are wider than Mary's. Both Lucretia and Lucifer can use eye-laser powers, like Anna, but are more powerful enough to kill an individual. As of result, these characters have been knocked out by Lucifer and Lucretia multiple times:

Lucretia also harness the power to poison her victims by kissing them. This resulted in davemadson going to the hospital in Episode 137.

Characters that were soiled by Lucifer and Lucretia

Lucifer and Lucretia have a tendency of soiling Dave and his friends; later episodes show this as a method of branding them as theirs so they can claim their souls (the Chairman of Hades has taken a keen interest in Dave and co.'s souls for as-of-yet unexplained reasons, though the constant strife and physical harm that goes on the the studio on a daily basis may be enough for him to consider them sinners, something that God himself always overrides). Below are the people they have soiled:

The only times they shit all over themselves was in LTIB 73, 77, 80, 83, 88, 92, 94, 100, Funny Signs 73, Funny Signs 93, LT Bloopers 119, and Funny Signs 95.

Characters that were killed by Lucifer and Lucrecia

Lucifer and Lucrecia only had 2 successful events that killed people, but this would all change when Professor 24/7 appeared for the first time and used a beam deflecting shield to kill of the enemies. These were:

  • Guy (LTIB 70, but saved in the special "A New Year to Remember")
  • Hank (LT Bloopers 144) (killed by the Chairman as well, but also saved in the special "A New Year to Remember")
  • Jimmy (LT Bloopers 144) (killed by the Chairman as well, but also saved in the special "A New Year to Remember")
  • Sidney (LT Bloopers 144) (killed by the Chairman as well, but also saved in the special "A New Year to Remember")


Due to constant appearing, Dave slapped 4 bans on them and SOSOwner also set 2 bans on them, going as followed:

Bans of Lucifer and Lucretia McEvil
FS 55 LTIB 56 Official Lucifer and Lucretia with a shyster lawyer The lawyer challenged the ban in court, got it reinstated.
FS 59 S from Hell Bloopers 8 "Permanent" Dave Under a threat with a zombie
S from Hell Bloopers 8 FS 65 Restrict appearance Shyster Lawyer The "shyster lawyer" works for them again. Unconfirmed the same one who reinstated the 1st ban.
FS 75 LTIB 83 Permission Ban Themselves As they led the Roflica army to LOL-LOL Land, they rescinded the ban.
Another Meeting with the Devil (SOSOwner FS S1 E4) Edge of Africa (SOSOwner (SOSOwner LB S1 E1/BIB S1 E1/FS S3 E2) Secret, but official SOSOwner SOSOwner said it was boring without them.
Branching Databases (FS S2 FE (Final Edition) FEAS: The LNER Plug Sign (S1 E2) Still official. SOSOwner Article 13 forced the channel to halt production, so the ban was lifted.
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