This is the cast of characters that appear in davemadson's videos, most noticeably LT Bloopers. Each character is placed on a navy blue background (Hex Color: 0A1295), which is considered the interior of the studio. However, Episodes 89-100 use hex color 0818CC, and Episodes 101-present use hex color 1622D6. It is of note that unlike other TTS shows, all of the characters sans Dave are referred to as computer voices, lampshading their Synthetic Voice Actor status.

Main Characters

Character Image Profile
Davemadson version of Microsoft Sam

Microsoft Sam

Microsoft Sam is the short-tempered brother of Mike. Never admitting that he's in the wrong, Sam is quick to throw tantrums when he doesn't get his way. The fandom often has a love/hate relationship with him, mainly due to his "control freak" tendencies (throwing personnel out of the studio, firing Scotty or Guy, and preventing relationships); it was later revealed that this habit comes from a disease known as a "tic controllosa", which he has zapped away by anyone with laser eyes, though he always relapses due the the Chairman of Hades constantly putting tic controllosa serum in the water supply to create strife. He has short black hair, black eyes, white skin, jeans, and a yellow shirt. He often argues with Dave, Mr. Warner, and Wally about who is in charge of the studio.
Davemadson Design of Mike

Microsoft Mike

Microsoft Mike is Mary's boyfriend (despite being Mike's sister; which makes them incest) and Sam's brother. Sam tends to call him an asswipe, to which Mike responds that Sam is a "son of a bitch." He has a green shirt, jeans, shoulder-length black hair, black eyes, white skin, and a moustache. In the pilot episode, he was the director. However, after that episode, Sam took over with the job of directing. When Sam is out or late, he is the boss.
Davemadson's Microsoft Mary

Microsoft Mary

Microsoft Mary is Mike's girlfriend (despite being Mary's brother; which makes them incest) and Sam's sister. She is depicted with long light-brown hair, blue eyes, and light skin, with a pink shirt and jeans. A running gag with her involves the Merrie Melodies intro and tune (She often responds to it with "They're playing my song again.") Mary has a weak stomach, quick to barf whenever something she considers "gross" occurs. Sam tends to call her a bitch, yet also tends to make sexual jokes and advances towards her (though the sexual advances are more apparent in Funny Signs.)
Anna (Later)

Microsoft Anna

Microsoft Anna is Sam's girlfriend, and the one typically in charge of calming Sam down. She is depicted with dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and tan skin, wearing a red shirt and a turquoise skirt. In LTIB 99, Anna nearly breaks up with Sam when she founds out that Rowena had a "baby". After she founds out it's a hoax that was used in the Devil and She-Devil's plan, she happily reunites with Sam, but by LT Bloopers 112 she went missing along with L&H Michael and Michelle due to her lost of voice program.

New Dave (LT Bloopers 101)


davemadson is the creator of Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers, serving as the producer in-universe. His debut is in Episode 33 (though was mentioned in previous episodes.) He wears a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap and sunglasses, as well as a black T-shirt. The only exception to his outfit is when he wore a grey t-shirt in Episode 46 (though this change did not last, reverting in episode 47.) He often argues with Sam over who is in charge of the studio, often citing that "it's his video." The other cast members refer to him as simply "Dave." He is the only character not voiced by a TTS voice (fitting, considering he serves as the Author Avatar.)

As of LT Bloopers 101, Dave now uses a cartoon avatar to blend in better with the rest of his cast-- as such, the cap he wore in his photographic avatar is now just a simple red cap, similar to LH Michael's beret.

Davemadson Scotty

Radar Overseer Scotty

Scotty makes his debut in Episode 30, replacing his twin brother Guy. His character model appears to be simply a recolor of Guy's model, with lighter skin and a light blue shirt with red pants. Compared to Guy's handiwork, Scotty is far less competent. As such, Scotty is often subject to Sam's firing sprees (which Sam always says are "justified," to Dave's rage; one interpretation is that Scotty is a jerk who messes up on purpose and plays innocent so that everyone will baby him and turn on Sam, just so he can watch the fireworks.) One plothole of interest is that it seems Scotty stole his twin's love interest, Beulah. However, Scotty and Beulah's love grew, and they got married in Episode 72 (suspiciously after Guy's death...)
Davemadson's God


Known as The Almighty, God is always responsible for punishing Lucifer and Lucretia McEvil whenever they cause harm to davemadson and his friends. For example, if the Devil and She-Devil ever shits all over davemadson and his friends, God would invoke his wrath on them. The only time he physically attacked somebody outside the Lucifer and Lucretia was in LTIB 68, where he used his wrath on Microsoft Sam for raging against his authority.
Angela the Angel (LT Bloopers 101)

Angela the Angel

An angel of God, Angela also carries the same responsibilities as God would. She would also go ahead and clean up davemadson and his friends whenever the Lucifer and/or Lucretia dumps all over them.
Guy (davemadson)

Guy the White (LT Bloopers 101)


Scotty's twin brother and the original shield manager, Guy made his debut in Episode 5 (before this, the WB Shield spoke for itself.) He is fired several times before being mysteriously replaced by his twin, Scotty, in Episode 30. He returns in Episode 41, though Scotty keeps his job. Prior to Episode 30, he was with Beulah. Afterwards, Scotty and Beulah got together. Guy died in Episode 70, though he returns as an angel dubbed Guy the White in Episode 82. Guy had three voices over the course of the series: Speakonia Male 1 (LTIB 5-29), 4 (41-63), and 5 (64-present).

Side Characters

Character Image Profile
Abby (66)


Abby is Wally's girlfriend (she was Dave's girlfriend formerly before LT Bloopers 101), and one of the five females on the cast. Despite being usually calm about goings-on in the studio, she has been known to lose her temper. She wears a grey blouse, grey pants, and has blonde hair. She is also Beulah's best friend. She is allergic to peacocks. She explosively sneezes and smoke comes out of her nose. She was formerly allergic to cats (such as the Nyan Cat) But currently goes to the restroom when ever she sees a cat.
Beulah (Later)


Abby's best friend and Scotty's wife, Beulah is the pudgy friend of the cast. She is a brunette, wearing a grey blouse and green skirt. She is often called "Fatso" by Sam, to which she responds by throwing him across the studio (and at one point throwing him out entirely). She is also often the subject of Sam's apparent bloodlust for Scotty, often being demanded to leave the man (which she refuses to do every time.)


Hank is Jimmy's best friend, and often serves as the "backup shield guy" when Scotty/Guy get fired. He is slightly tan, wearing a white T-shirt with jeans and has a moustache. His character model is a slight edit of Jimmy's model. He, Jimmy, and Sidney are all killed in LT Bloopers 144. He appeared now as the Angel, along with Jimmy and Sidney on LT Bloopers 152. He is known as Hank the Benevolent.


Jimmy is Hank's best friend (and character model base). He, alongside Hank, tends to be the backup shield guy when Scotty/Guy gets fired. He wears a grey T-shirt with brown pants. He, Hank, and Sidney are all killed in LT Bloopers 144. He appeared now as the Angel, along with Sidney and Hank on LT Bloopers 152. He is known as Jimmy the Just.
LH Michael (LT Bloopers 101)

L&H Michael

L&H Michael is one of two British voices on the cast, and the twin brother of L&H Michelle. He wears a beret, with a yellowish-white T-shirt. He's a fan of classical music and literature, and had his first tantrum in Episode 37 (when Sam calls him a "wild turkey"). Though him and Michelle are twins, they get confused for husband and wife.
LH Michelle (LT Bloopers 101)

L&H Michelle

The twin sister of L&H Michael, Michelle is the other British voice on the cast. Her first tantrum was in Episode 31 (When Sam calls her a "lesbian harlot.") She, like her twin, likes classical music and literature. She wears a cream-colored tank top, and is also confused for Michael's wife (somehow.)
Mr. Warner

Wally (LT Bloopers 101)

Mr. Warner & Wally

Mr. Warner was the boss of Warner Bros, but despite his higher authority, he likes the bloopers that occur within these videos. Often, he gets enraged by Sam for firing Scotty every time he screws up, even to the point where Mr. Warner either wash Sam's mouth with soap, crotch kick him, or fire him and throw him out. In LTIB 100, Mr. Warner announces his retirement from the series. He's replaced with his son, Wally, who is simply a re-skin of his father. Wally also was adopted by Mr. Warner, since he didn't marry.


Sidney was introduced in Funny Signs: Mysterious Forces, and made his LTIB debut in Episode 58. Sidney is a Jew, who wears a blue shirt and gray pants. From Episode 87 to 89, Sidney was captured by the Leutonians. Thankfully, undercover LOL-LOL agents rescued him before his execution. He, Jimmy, and Hank are all killed in LT Bloopers 144. He appeared now as the Angel, along with Jimmy and Hank on LT Bloopers 152. He is known as Sidney the Saint.
Harvey Zilth (Better)

Harvey Zilth

Harvey Zilth acts as the news reporter for Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers, often giving their friends information on what's going on (e.g. Scotty's suicide attempt). He first appeared in Episode 74 as a security guard in place of Officer Flanigan until the next episode, although he was mentioned several times before.
The Reverend Blue Jeans

The Rev. Blue Jeans

Reverend Blue Jeans is a two-shot character, only appearing in Episodes 72 and 75. In Episode 72, he appeared to officiate Beulah and Scotty's wedding, and in Episode 75, he appeared to chase off the Devil and She-Devil, and give the rest of the cast crosses to protect themselves. Not much else is known.
Officer flanigan 3

Officer Flanigan

The resident cop of the studio, Officer Flanigan had a bit of a Race Lift over the course of the series, starting out as a black man. In Episode 74, it was rumored that he was part of the conspiracies against LOL-LOL land, and was replaced by Harvey Zilth for that episode (since he couldn't get into LOL-LOL Land.) In Episode 75, however, he came back and remained until LTIB 100, where he signed up to a security gig named Nanook's of the North (Zilth becoming a news reporter).
Rhonda Raven (LT Bloopers 100)

Rhonda Raven

Rhonda Raven is dave's new girlfriend. They met in one of their vacations in which she saves dave from a drooping branch halfway up a steep hill. Rhonda has the ability to fly, hence her last name "Raven".
Microsoft Zira Davemadson

Microsoft Zira

Microsoft Zira first appeared in Episode 123. She has the same abilities as Abby and Rhonda, and is speculated to be in love with Sam.
Sergeant C.J. O'Randolph (LT Bloopers 105)

Sergeant C.J. O'Randolph



Character Image Profile

Lucifer McEvil

Lucretia's right-hand demon, Lucifer serves as one of the antagonists in LTIB. First appearing in Episode 13 (having brought the Satan's Kingdom sign with him-- this was before the introduction of character art with Shield Riders.) He and Lucretia are known poopers, often defecating all over Sam and the rest of the cast (prior to RBJ giving the cast crosses in a later episode). He ended up with a redesign starting in LTIB 92. As of LT Bloopers 101, he appears without a tail, and another redesign along with Lucretia.

Lucretia McEvil

Lucifer's demonic bride (sister?), Lucretia is the second antagonist in LTIB, with her debut being in Episode 21 (alongside another appearance by Lucifer.) She, like Lucifer, is known for defecating on Sam and the cast. She had a few redesigns over the course of the series, though none were as terrifying as the Devil's 92+ model. As of LT Bloopers 101, she appears without a tail and another redesign along with Lucifer.
Evil Sam
Evil Sam
Vulcanna Ash
Vulcanna Ash
Evil Dave Madson
Evil Dave
Chairman of Hades
Chairman of Hades
Prince of Darkness
Prince of Darkness
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