Microsoft Sam and his Fellow TTS Voices Wiki
Microsoft Sam and his Fellow TTS Voices Wiki

This is the Character List of JCtn6798 Studios. These characters appear in every TTS videos in JCtn6798 Channel.

JCtn Squad

The JCtn Squad is a group of characters of JCtn6798.

Character Image Profile


The chairperson of JCtnMedia, president and CEO of JCtn6798 Studios.
The main protagonist of the entirety of JCtn6798.
Athena 001.png


The Psycho Soldier from every SNK Games.
She is my (fictional) girlfriend.
Silver 000.png


The rival of Gold/Ethan in Pokemon G/S/C and Pokemon HG/SS.
He is my (fictional) childhood friend.
Alexis Stonebridge.png

Alexis Stonebridge

Silver's supermodel girlfriend.
Henry by jctn6798 ddigmg1.png


Also known Raj Shekhar Kasarle.
The vice chairperson of JCtnMedia and the vice president of JCtn6798 studios.
He's my partner and sidekick.


Henry's girlfriend.
She is the strongest and bravest fighter of Green Hills City.

Pedro Clarkson

Also known as LindosoLord.
My and Henry's best companion.
Alexandra 000.png


Also known as Cat Kirby.
Pedro's girlfriend.

Ian Dominic

Geneva's boyfriend.


Ian's girlfriend.

Cory Moon

Also known as TotalDramaFan2007.
Blue Canary.png

Kennedy Blue

Also known as Blue Canary.
Bonzi 000.png


Henry's purple monkey friend.
He likes bananas, especially the "purple bananas".


A pink boogle alien.
Bonzi's martian friend.

The Microsoft Gang

The Microsoft Gang is a group of TTS Characters inspired by davemadson. The gang is counted as part of the JCtn Squad in entirety.

Character Image Profile
Microsoft Sam (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Sam

The leader of the Microsoft Gang.
Unlike his davemadson counterpart, where he become a control freak at times, he is a nice and friendly person.
He like's tacos.
Microsoft Sam X (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Sam X

Microsoft Sam's twin brother and Lili's boyfriend.
He likes burritos.
Microsoft Sam K (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Sam K

Microsoft Sam and Sam X's cousin and Helen's boyfriend.
Microsoft Mike (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Mike

Microsoft Sam's brother and Mary's boyfriend.
He likes pizza.
Microsoft Mike Z (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Mike Z

Microsoft Mike's twin brother.
He likes spaghetti.
Microsoft Mike J (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Mike J

Microsoft Mike and Mike Z's cousin.
Microsoft Mary (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Mary

Microsoft Sam's sister and Mike's girlfriend.
Just like her davemadson counterpart, she has a sensitive stomach.
Microsoft Mary Y (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Mary Y

Microsoft Mary's twin sister.
Microsoft Mary Q (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Mary Q

Microsoft Mary and Mary Y's cousin.
Microsoft Anna (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Anna

Microsoft Sam's girlfriend.
She has super-powers like her laser eyes.
She always protect Sam when he is in trouble.
Microsoft Lili (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Lili

Microsoft Sam X's girlfriend.
Microsoft Helen (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Helen

Microsoft Sam K's girlfriend.
Microsoft David (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft David

Microsoft Sam's rookie and Zira's boyfriend.
He has Fire-based powers and laser eyes.
Microsoft Zira (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Zira

Microsoft Anna's rookie and David's girlfriend.
She has Ice-based powers and laser eyes.
Microsoft George (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft George

Microsoft David's best friend and Hazel's boyfriend.
He is the most loyal among the Microsoft boys.
He has Lightning-based powers and laser eyes.
Microsoft Hazel (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Hazel

Microsoft Zira's best friend and George's girlfriend.
She is the most loyal among the Microsoft girls.
Microsoft Mark (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Mark

Microsoft David's little brother and Eva's boyfriend.
He has Electric-based powers.
Microsoft Eva (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Eva

Microsoft Zira's little sister and Mark's girlfriend.
She has Fairy-based powers and healing abilities.
Microsoft Richard (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Richard

Microsoft David and Mark's cousin, and Cortana's boyfriend who seems to be her childhood friend.
Cortana (JCtn6798).png


Microsoft Zira's cousin, Eva's twin sister and Richard's boyfriend.
Microsoft Freddy (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Freddy

Microsoft Mike cousin's.
He's a prankster and loves to make fun or make jokes.
But sometimes he took it way seriously without even realizing it.
Microsoft Brutus (JCtn6798).png

Microsoft Brutus

Microsoft Mary's cousin and Freddy's best friend.
Like Freddy, he is a prankster and a joker, but he sometimes took it seriously.
Scotty 0.png

Radar Overseer Scotty

Microsoft Sam's next door neighbor and sidekick.
He like bologna sandwich.
Guy 0.png

Guy S. Free

Scotty's twin brother.
He likes cheeseburger.
Due to Astromadson Story Loop, he became a returning character.
Character Image Profile

Wallace "Wally" Warner Jr.

Mr. Warner's son.
He is the manager of JCtn6798 Studios.

Harvey Zilth

The resident news anchor of JCtn6798.
Jimmy 0.png

Jimmy Doors

Hank's best friend.
Due to Astromadson Story Loop, he became a returning character.
Hank 0.png

Hank O'Hare

Jimmy's best friend.
Due to Astromadson Story Loop, he became a returning character.

Tyler English

Jimmy and Hank's friend from high school, and Abby's boyfriend.
He is the smartest member of the gang.
Sidney 0.png

Sidney Sternberg

Scotty and Guy's cousin.
He is Jewish.
He likes plum.
Due to Astromadson Story Loop, he became a returning character.

Beulah English

Scotty's girlfriend.
She doesn't like being called fatso, whoever does she throws them across the streets.
Abby 0.png

Abby English

Tyler's girlfriend and Beulah's best friend.
LH Michael.png

LH Michael

LH Michelle's twin brother.
LH Michelle 0.png

LH Michelle

LH Michael's twin sister.

Martin Lernout

Martha Hauspie's twin brother and LH Michael's cousin.

Martha Hauspie

Martin Lernout's twin sister and LH Michelle's cousin.
Rhonda Raven.png

Rhonda Raven

Wanda Eagles' cousin, Microsoft Zira's best friend and Dave Madson's girlfriend.
She has superpowers like flight, laser eyes, and recovery.
Wanda Eagles.png

Wanda Eagles

Rhonda Raven's future cousin, Microsoft Eva's best friend and Astro Madson's girlfriend.
She has superpowers and abilities of a Philippine Eagle.
Terry Falcon.png

Terry Falcon

Rhonda Raven and Wanda Eagles best friend and Miss Madson's boyfriend.
Kitty Hawkes.png

Kitty Hawkes

Maya Logan's best friend.
She has similar abilities to Rhonda.
Maya Logan.png

Maya Logan

Microsoft Sam's personal therapist, Kitty Hawkes' best friend and the mentor of Eric, Kimberly and Kate.
She is also Mitch Davidson's girlfriend.
Nadine Falls.png

Nadine Falls

Maya Logan's cousin and Colleen Springs' partner.
Colleen Springs.png

Colleen Springs

Nadine Falls' partner.


Based on Adam (default male avatar) of GoAnimate/Vyond.
He is unaffected by the Great Grounding War because he moved out from GoAnimate City to ROFL City due to the Legacy Video Maker shutdown.
Kimberly 000.png


Eric's girlfriend.
Based on Kimberly Dawson, a character from a grounded series.
Like Eric, she is also unaffected by the Great Grounding War.


Based on Eve (default female avatar) of GoAnimate/Vyond.
Eric and Kimberly's companion.
She is also one of the survivors of the Great Grounding War.
ROFL Robot 000.png

ROFL Robot

The assistant robot of the JCtn Squad.
Zarvox 000.png


The assistant robot of Microsoft Will.

Dave & Co.

This group consist of characters coming from davemadson's videos.

Character Image Profile
Davemadson 1.png

Dave Madson (davemadson)

The man himself.
He is the main star of his own videos in his own channel.
Astro Madson.png

Astro Madson (Astromadson)

Dave's future cousin.
Miss Madson.png

Miss Madson (MissMadson)

Astro Madson's half-sister, Dave Madson's half-future cousin and Terry Falcon's girlfriend.
She is a main star of MissMadson Enterprises Inc. videos in her own channel.
Microsoft Will.png

Microsoft Will

The former leader of the Microsoft Gang.
He leave the gang for his important task, and has a plannes to return the gang.

Wallace "Mr. Warner" Warner Sr.

Wally's adopted father, and the former co-producer of Davemadson Enterprises Inc.
Alan ROFL.png


The President of the ROFL Enterprises.
Sgt CJ O. Randolph.png

Sgt. C.J. O'Randolph

The resident police officer and security guard of our studio.
Officer Flanagan.png

Officer Franklin D. Flanigan

The police officer of ROFL City who is also the security guard of Davemadson studios.
Mr. Security Robot.png

Mr. Security Robot

Also known as the Robocop.
Sgt. C.J. O'Randolph and Officer Flanigan's personal robot assistant made by the ROFL Enterprises.

Rev. Blue Jeans

The resident priest of our studio.
Professor 24-7.png

Professor 24/7

Mrs. Clockwise's husband and Tessa 24/7's father.
The time-traveling professor who helped the Microsoft Gang to change the events that had happened in Davemadson's LT Bloopers and made a seperate storyline for Astro Madson.
Mrs. Clockwise.png

Mrs. Clockwise

Professor 24/7's wife and Tessa 24/7's mother.
She's also a time-traveler like her husband.
Dr. Daily.png

Dr. Daily

Professor 24/7's brother.
He is the best doctor of ROFL City Hospital.

Mr. Helper Robot

The robot assistant of Professor 24/7.
Judge M.L. Fairly.png

Judge M.L. Fairly

The Judge of BFF City Court of Randomness.
Jen'Eric Noos-Ree Porter.png

Jen'Eric Noos-Ree Porter

A Portmanteau for Generic News Reporter.
He is a "generic" news reporter in ThunderBirds101 channel.
Microsoft Billy Mays.png

Microsoft Billy Mays

The Microsoft Version of the Most Famous Pitchman.
Weather Overseer Menilga (JCtn6798).png

Weather Overseer Menilga

The Microsoft Version.
Sion Jones (JCtn6798).png

Sion Jones

The Microsoft Version of the Wallace and Gromit Forever!.

Team Nuance

Character Image Profile
Nuance Tom.png

Nuance Tom

The Leader of Team Nuance.
He is Daniel and Lee's best friend and they formed a group called the Power Triad.
He is also Jennifer's boyfriend and Jill's elder sister.
Nuance Daniel.png

Nuance Daniel

Tom and Lee's best friend.
He is also Emily's boyfriend.
Nuance Lee.png

Nuance Lee

Tom and Daniel's best friend.
He is also Karen's boyfriend.
Nuance Jennifer.png

Nuance Jennifer

Tom's girlfriend and Samantha's sister.
Nuance Jill.png

Nuance Jill

Tom's younger sister.
Nuance Samantha.png

Nuance Samantha

Jennifer's cousin.
Nuance Nathan.png

Nuance Nathan

Tom's childhood friend and Zoe's boyfriend.
Nuance Zoe.png

Nuance Zoe

Nathan's girlfriend.
Nuance Ava.png

Nuance Ava

The lady in white dress.
She is known for being a theater actress.
Nuance Emily.png

Nuance Emily

Daniel's girlfriend.
Nuance Malcolm.png

Nuance Malcolm

Daniel's cousin.
Nuance Oliver.png

Nuance Oliver

Daniel's best friend.
He is also Serena's boyfriend.
Nuance Serena.png

Nuance Serena

Oliver's girlfriend.
She is known for being a fashion model.
Nuance Noelle.png

Nuance Noelle

Joelle's twin sister.
The twin sisters are Tom and Jennifer's adoptive children.
Nuance Joelle.png

Nuance Joelle

Noelle's twin sister.
The twin sisters are Tom and Jennifer's adoptive children.
Nuance Karen.png

Nuance Karen

Lee's girlfriend.
She likes kangaroos.
Nuance Moira.png

Nuance Moira

Fiona's elder sister.
The lady in green.
Nuance Fiona.png

Nuance Fiona

Moira's sister.
Tessa 24-7.png

Tessa 24/7

The daughter of Professor 24/7 and Mrs. Clockwise, and the niece of Dr. Daily.

Sky Wing Defenders

Character Image Profile

Paloma Paradisaeidae

The leader of the Sky Wing Warriors.

Gerald Garuda

Jean Phoenix's husband and Rhonda Raven's father.

Jean Phoenix

Gerald Garuda's wife and Rhonda Raven's mother.

Chris Sunbird

Julia Nightingale's husband and Wanda Eagles' father.

Julia Nightingale

Chris Sunbird's wife and Wanda Eagles' mother.
Vidren Vulture.png

Vidren Vulture

Sarah Condor's husband and Kitty Hawkes' father.

Sarah Condor

Vidren Vulture's wife and Kitty Hawkes' mother.

Fara Flamingo

Sofia Swan's sister and Terry Falcon's best friend.

Sofia Swan

Fara Flamingo's sister and Terry Falcon's best friend.

The Troublemakers Alliance

Character Image Profile
Boris Anderson (GoAnimate Version).png

Boris Anderson (GoAnimate Version)

Unlike his real counterpart, who is loving father of Caillou Anderson, he is actually the worst troublemaker of GoAnimate/GoAnimate4Schools.
He is the star of his own grounded series, "Boris Gets Grounded".

Bongo Cain

A troublemaker from GoAnimate.
Herman Cain's son.

Isaac Obama

Another troublemaker from GoAnimate.
Barack Obama's son.

Ozzy Biden

Yet another troublemaker from GoAnimate.
Joe Biden's son.
Clyde Sinclair.png

Clyde Sinclair

The Devil troublemaker of GoAnimate.
He is the son of Diesel and Grace Sinclair, and the true son of Lucifer McEvil, hence by his true name, Azazel McEvil.
Stephanie Gavin.png

Stephanie Gavin

The She-Devil troublemaker of GoAnimate.
She is the daughter of Alan and Salli Gavin, and true daughter of Lucretia McEvil, hence by her true name, Azrael McEvil.

The Evil Forces

Character Image Profile
Mr. Satan (with trident).png


The Prince of Darkness.
The heir of Satan's Kingdom and the owner of The Devil's Casino.
He is inspired by Cuphead's final boss.
King Dice.png

King Dice

Satan's evil assistant, ruler of the Devil's Casion and the King of Gambling.
He inflicts people by playing "Shadow Game".

Chairman of Hades (Grim Reaper).png

Chairman of Hades

The chairman of Satan's Kingdom.
Whenever the Satan is injured, he appears among the gang to get them in trouble.

Lucifer McEvil

Satan's commander.
One of the main antagonists of davemadson's TTS series.
When he and Lucretia failed, they get a time-out by Satan.
He is allergic to garlic, onions, ginger, and cross.

Lucretia McEvil

Lucifer's partner.
Also one of the main antagonists of davemadson's TTS series.
When she and Lucifer failed, they get a time out by Satan.
She is allergic to garlic, onions, ginger, and cross.
She sometimes abduct Sam to cheat on Anna.

Vulcanna Ash (Civilian Form).png

Vulcanna Ash

Lucretia's best friend.
She sometimes abduct Dave to cheat on Rhonda.
RS Negative.png

RoboSoft Negative

Satan and King Dice's robot assistant.
It was made by the scrapped ROFL Robot prototype.
Damien Stoker.png

Damien Stoker

Helena, Rowena, Bandita and Gary's grandfather and Walter and Carolina Viper's father.

Walter Stoker

Carolina Viper's husband and the father of the Stoker Sisters.
Carolina Viper.png

Carolina Viper

Walter Stoker's wife and the mother of the Stoker Sisters.

Helena Stoker

A new evil harlot.
She abducts Dave during Dave & Friends Episode 1.

Rowena Stoker

Helena's sister.
She abduct Sam during LTIB 98 and 99 and make Sam cheat on Anna.

Bandita Stoker

Helena and Rowena's sister.
Evil Cedric.png

Evil Cedric

My evil clone and rival.
Evil Henry.png

Evil Henry

Henry's evil clone.
Evil Pedro.png

Evil Pedro

Pedro's evil clone.
Evil Bonzi.png

Evil Bonzi

Bonzi's evil twin.
Evil Dave.png

Evil Dave

Dave's evil twin.
He sometimes abduct Rhonda Raven, just like what Vulcanna do to Dave.
Evil Astro.png

Evil Astro

Astro's evil twin.
He sometimes abduct Wanda Eagles.
Evil Miss Madson.png

Evil Miss Madson

Miss Madson's evil twin.
She sometimes abduct Terry Falcon.
Hellsoft Sam.png

Evil Sam

Microsoft Sam's evil clone.
He proves himself to be the real Microsoft Sam, but he is not.
He abducts Anna to cheat on Microsoft Sam.
He likes lava tacos from Taco Hell.
Evil Scotty.png

Evil Scotty

Radar Overseer Scotty's evil clone.
He abducts Beulah to cheat on Radar Overseer Scotty.
Eric the Teeth Guy.png

Evil Eric

Also known as Eric the Teeth Guy.
The first Teeth Guy existed and Eric's evil clone.
He likes to ground people for absolutely no fricking reason ever.
He can even ground the entire world.
Evil Tom.png

Evil Tom

Tom's evil clone.


The Master of Scary Logos.

The Angelic Forces

Character Image Profile
God JCtn.png

God Almighty

The creator of All Living Things.


The Mother of the Environment.

Angelo the Archangel

He is one of God's Angels.

Angela the Angel

She is one of God's Angels.
Guy White 000.png

Guy the White

The soul of Guy as an angel, after he died in davemadson's LTIB 70.
Jimmy Just 000.png

Jimmy the Just

The soul of Jimmy as an angel, after he died in davemadson's LT Bloopers 144.
Hank Benevolent 000.png

Hank the Benevolent

The soul of Hank as an angel, after he died in davemadson's LT Bloopers 144.
Sidney Saint 000.png

Sidney the Saint

The soul of Sidney as an angel, after he died in davemadson's LT Bloopers 144.


Athena's master successor.

Alice Angel

The angelic character from Bendy & The Ink Machine.


The bravest and strongest Holy Knight of God's Country.


The Master of Heavenly Logos.