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IWAY Cookies

IWAY Cookies are a food product widely regarded as the most enjoyed food on the planet Earth 2. IWAY Cookies as described in a infomercial by Microsoft Billy Mays as by far the best cookies ever. The product was first mentioned in Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors: Season 7. They were named after Domingo0022's IWAY, or "Interview with a YouTuber".

Background of origin and shipping

IWAY Cookie production occurs in three different areas:

All shipments from the sanctuary are delivered by flight. They are usually escorted by a ROFL Air-Force Unit to ensure the cookies arrive at their chosen destination, since most other food was pretty much disentegrated in the destruction of Earth.

The cookies are shipped to Domingo's palace, as well as the Space Station blockade orbiting Earth 2 and eventually, to the IWAY Warehouses in ROFL City.

Main production for IWAY CookiePops' occurs in a top secret Bakiez vault (location not to be revealed) while the rest of it's production occurs in the Megatower.


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In Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S7EP10), it was revealed that every IWAY Cookie had been infected with Radioactive Diarrhea Flu, deeming them fatal to anyone who is under the age of 19. By April 2010, all IWAY Cookies have been deemed safe for people under 19 again.

IWAY CookiePops

In 2018, in the SOS Research Labs in New York City, NY, USA, they were making IWAY Cookies, but someone had decided to make them spheres and inserted lollipop sticks into the cookie spheres, and so, IWAY CookiePops were born, They were a big hit at the IWAY Stores and they are now available in all classic and SOSOwner flavors.

Critical reception and sponsorship

The IWAY cookies were favorites of most TTS voices (particulary Microsoft Sam), and there have been people supporting the brand of cookies. This product also sponsors motzPHaragas' Speakonia talk show program "All About Batman" only in the second season.

The IWAY Cookies were so successful that, according to WSAM0TV, the meme is getting very old, therefore he does not use any IWAY Cookie-related errors in his MSSAM Reads Stupid and Dumb Errors REBIRTH series.

SUP3RNOVATJJ made an IWAY Cookie commercial for his English class.