Celery is a Text-to-Speech character that seems to love nothing but Celery. Not to be confused with Gold nor Bacon, Celery has a celery on his head, just like Bacon with bacon, and Gold with gold.


Celery was first sighted on Nkrs200's Funny Windows Errors series. Celery had a few moments in his episodes, one after the word "retarded" was censored with the word "Celery." A few additional instances such as Celery crashing and interrupting a few scenes of Sam reading errors.

So far, no other users have made their version of Celery, which one has yet to do so.


  • This character, like Bacon, interrupts some scenes with his bogus about his favorite food.
  • This character replaced a word in an error to avoid too much slander from Sam

Additional Notes

  • Celery has the same behavior as Bacon, who (surprisingly) doesn't constantly interrupt as much unlike Bacon.
  • Celery's eyes are light green to match with the celery on his head.
  • It is unknown of Celery's main role in the Nkrs200 universe.
  • It is also unknown of the backstory behind Celery, as of why he even exists, nor any history of Celery in the TTS universe.
  • Celery seems to have either a British voice or something in moments "Celery" is said, but that may be just a sound effect.
  • The british voice saying "Celery" is thought to be Stuart Ashen (who runs the ashens youtube channel), and it can probably be heard on his Apple Newton video.
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