• Sticky Keys XP

    I am jealous

    March 20, 2020 by Sticky Keys XP

    How come does User Amy0501 get to download the Ivona, Cepstral, and Nuance voices for free. When I try to do it. I just get malvertising. Like such as Your File Is Ready To Download.exe. Tell me why. I want to be able to do it like Amy0501. What is her secret. Someone tell me!

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  • SquadHater2002

    A user named AngusMcTavish blocked me on DeviantArt in May 2014 because he thought I left negative comments on his deviations.

    AngusMcTavish, if you're reading this, I can only tell you that I REALLY don't recall leaving them. Please give me a second chance and I promise it will never happen again. I am really sorry about whatever happened.

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    So lavon pictures bullied this kid by using a bunch of F-Bombs, What do you have to say about the cyberbullied one to cheer him up.

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  • NodPrime

    Earth 2 Timeline

    January 26, 2019 by NodPrime

    Just writing this for good reference as of Jan 2019

    ORIGINAL TB101 WAR SERIES (My, Rofl Island Chain, TGFW, 2011 - 2012)

    The Divergence (The split at the end of TGFW - Clones of Microsoft Sam and his Crew end up in the Earth 2 Universe, seperate from TB101's Continuity) - Timeline seperates and begins properly here

    The Psychic Dominator Disaster (Microsoft Sam and the Psychic Dominator Disaster) - August to September 2013

    The First Tiberium War (Microsoft Sam: Invasion) - September to November 2013

    The Third CLPA War (Microsoft Sam: Skyfall) - December 2013 to January 2014

    The Second Tiberium War (Microsoft Sam and the Tiberian Sun) - February 2014

    The Firestorm Crisis (Microsoft Sam and the Tiberian Sun: Firestorm) - February 2014

    The Third Tiber…

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  • Icepenguins101

    For some reason, everything is empty and I'm only greeted with this:
    Does anyone know what happened?

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  • Amy0501

    Cepstral David

    December 5, 2018 by Amy0501

    Cepstral David Is A Cepstral Text To Speech Voice

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  • LunarFlareStudios

    So you may have heard of my TTS movie called The Two Sides of Minty. This is the new title for Microsoft Sam and the Battle of the Demons, and it has a new plot adjustment too. Lucifer and Lucretia McEvil will still appear, as will Evil Sam and Vulcanna Ash. But there's a new plot. The movie is a representation of my life, and the difficulties I've faced. And my disorders will be represented in a fictitious way too. There's going to be a LOT of symbolism. But you'll see all the TTS characters from my TTS error series in the movie, too! And of course you'll see me. Cuz I'm Minty. But that's not everything--there's one more announcement. You'll see a new character that hasn't appeared much yet: Microsoft Hazel, the owner of the duplicate But…

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  • LunarFlareStudios

    I know you read the profile page, but there's some other things you should know about me. First off, I have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I was severely bullied in 10th grade and the teacher did nothing to stop it. And before you ask, yes, I did say something. The teacher didn't care what I told her. She just told me to laugh along with the bully because he was trying to joke around with me. Excuse me, but how is "God hates you because you're a demon" a joke? I feel bad talking about it, but it always helps to get this out of my system. Second, I am a female. Explains why my nickname sounds kinda girly, huh? Minty. Who thinks that's a cute nickname? Even my old nickname, Kitty, was kinda feminine. Third, I love cats and foxes. My …

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  • TheTenthGoat

    We should all know this, but if you don't know, try looking at the Funny Errors and Signs pages. I do hope to get at least 200 subs by mid-2020.

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  • ScribbledEggs

    Microsoft Sam Voice!

    August 16, 2018 by ScribbledEggs

    One time, I found a MS Sam voice generator. But it wasn't MS Sam. It pronounced "soi" as "soy". However, I found something that will change your views of TTS forever:

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  • EASlol

    I suppose you all have noticed my return to the TTSC by now, so I will be brief. About a month or so ago myself and Nick, the admin of this wiki, and of course thunderbirds himself, made peace. Beforehand there was some bad blood between me and Nick, the details are very personal and I don't intend on getting into that here, hope you all understand. Anyways, the past 3 years away from this community have changed me for the better, and I am glad I am able to show all of you. Microsoft Sam Black Angel is my current war series I have produced in 3 years, and im eager to start producing more towards the Earth 2 Storyline, created by myself and NodPrime. I am glad to be back home and entertaining you all again, and I dont intend on leaving for …

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  • TheROFL98


    June 20, 2018 by TheROFL98

    Dear fuck,




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  • Ducky Ducklett


    May 19, 2018 by Ducky Ducklett

    nkrs200 that absolute madlad

    he done it he made an amino

    I'm mostly promoting it because i'm one of the leaders and made it look awesome. Join if y'all have an amino account (and if y'all want to)


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  • CherryBlossom490

    Hello TTS Wiki,

    I am thinking about making my own FWE series. I would just like to share some early concepts for some constructive criticism. I also have a question about what hairstyle I should use as a reference for Microsoft Sam/Mike (They are twins in my TTS universe).

    Here what I have so far...

    • Microsoft Mary

    Mary is a magazine model who works for Fashion Overseer Lucy and is friends

    with Sam and Mike. She loves being the center of attention along with her co-workers, Zira and Hazel. Both Sam and Mike try to woo her, but she never notices and friend zones them on a regular basis.

    • Microsoft Anna

    Anna is the Daughter of the Baloney Man (Deceased) and Fashion Overseer Lucy. She is a loner who feels ignored by the people around her, even her fa…

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  • BM44 is back from the dead

    I know this hasn't been posted to TTS Wiki before, but I'm sure you'll get a good laugh out of this! It's Walk Like Shawn by FUNnel Vision!

    Enjoy my vid!

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  • Thunderbirds801TV


    April 4, 2018 by Thunderbirds801TV

    So, as You Have Not Known/Noticed, I Have Disappeared From This Wiki.

    I'm Afraid, I Have Been Gone For Too Long, Because of Personal Life I Have to Take Care of, But That's Not Going to Rattle You @ Any Point in 2018/2019.

    But, What I Have Been Doing on YouTube Was Beginning to Create a Star Wars Fan Video, But It'll be Made on Adobe Premiere Pro For YouTube.

    I Haven't Gotten a Script Done Yet, But I'll be on it, With Finny Signs: Into God's Country, an Untitled "Spinosaurus" Film in my Hometown.

    Once I Get All of Those Off my Head, and When I Get a Job (@ Least), I'll be More Active on Here For This Year Heading Through 2019.

    Come Visit my Channel & Subscribe if You Want:…

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  • BM44 is back from the dead

    Davemadson, I love your videos! You're a cool TTS user. So I decided to make you put these characters in your future videos:

    1. Are you a fan of Marvel?

    2. Do you like thecomputernerd01?

    3. What's your favorite food?

    4. Have you ever heard of Grossery Gang?

    5. Do you like my characters?

    and lastly....

    6. Is everybody telling you that you're a savage?

    Well, this is for Davemadson. Enjoy this, Davemadson!

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  • MakoFTW

    For some reason, I watched some Funny Signs episodes from Davemadson, and in some episodes, Lucifer and Lucretia McEvil have attempted to soil on God's Country. One question, would someone give me a list of what episodes did they ever attempt this? I keep having trouble remembering what ones they did it in. I'm also a fan of Davemadson and his videos, so don't mind me.

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  • PiotrGrochowski


    November 25, 2017 by PiotrGrochowski

    test test test test

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  • Trutvmain2


    October 28, 2017 by Trutvmain2

    Well, 2018 is coming our way! It will be way better than 2017! And I haven't done any blog posts in a long time because I was busy.

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  • Thunderbirds801TV


    October 27, 2017 by Thunderbirds801TV

    2018 is Coming, and I Haven't Done a Blog in a Long Time Because of High School, ProjectSEARCH, and Work;

    I Apologize for the Absence That I'm Currently Experiencing From Wikia, and I Hope No One Get's Mad at me For Having a Family to Take Care of!

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  • Mitchell Productions

    After almost three years, my most popular series is coming back.

    And yes, still created using Vegas.

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  • FoxyFan13

    A few months ago, AT88TV's old channel (AaronTArchives) closed. I commented on his new channels, and he never responded. Does anyone know about this?

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  • Aphelion819

    SMGReturns lives.

    August 23, 2017 by Aphelion819

    This is SMGReturns a.k.a. XtranormalGeek a.k.a. SpectrumA96. 

    No, I am not dead.

    Things have been rough. Life has a funny way of giving you some reprieve from the ass raping it gives you on a daily basis.

    ...and no, I am not getting back into TTS.

    I figured an update to my former interwebs fwendz was long overdue. 

    I guess that is all.

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  • Ducky Ducklett

    5am grumbling

    July 11, 2017 by Ducky Ducklett

    hello there children (hey chef)

    have a tip from your sometimes-friendly neighborhood duck: write a draft of your page using notepad or something before starting it on the wiki

    it helps

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  • Ducky Ducklett

    Re: fighting

    June 27, 2017 by Ducky Ducklett

    Hey heads up n'yall I know this place has been kind of a lawless land but if y'all don't stop fighting im gonna have to start banning ppl~ This mostly applies to Shadow/Sky, Trutvman2, and Sans The Lazy Skeleton... and Lavon i guess. He hasn't been involved much.

    Consider this the "official" warning since not all of you are on Discord/are in the public TTSC server.

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  • PixelartBuilder583


    June 17, 2017 by PixelartBuilder583

    As I haven't been editing in a while, I was extremely busy with other things, even Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft Season 6. I was too busy on those things to even update those pages, as I'm trying the best I can to get Season 6 finished and get my video schedule out of the way. However, it becomes very hard to do so over time, not that I'm expecting it to be easy. Hopefully I can find the right time to update many of my pages throughout the series as a whole, before or after I finish up Season 6.

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  • Maddox121

    The Microsoft Sam Show is a show made from 2005-present about Microsoft Sam

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  • Trutvmain2

    Template Test

    June 13, 2017 by Trutvmain2


    1 8

    This is a template test.

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  • Lucia-chansans

    Check it out

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  • Trutvmain2

    Discord server

    May 20, 2017 by Trutvmain2

    Hello everyone, I made a Discord server! Join the server at

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  • Xyaena

    That's right. I'm back.

    There's something you don't see every day, I might have dropped to rank 23 when I was insctive, but as quiet as this is, being back up there is a piece of cake.

    (also nice on my main Discord being banned from the server because I ran an alt there for a brief moment)

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  • Ducky Ducklett

    thinking emoji

    April 25, 2017 by Ducky Ducklett


    I'll probably end up breaking the Wiki a couple times.

    but i THINK i can do it. Probably.

    No promises.

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  • Ducky Ducklett

    and now the Wiki looks different! Kind of!

    TB101 and I sort-of worked together to give the wiki a nicer set of colours-- what do y'all think? ^_^

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  • Ducky Ducklett

    so im dumb and accidentally uninstalled L&H Michael and Michelle from my laptop.

    Keep in mind, I mean the SAPI5 version; I haven't used the SAPI4 voices in ages.

    Does anyone have a download of the SAPI5 Michael and Michelle voices? i'll be mighty appreciative lul

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  • Ducky Ducklett

    Up to date as of 4/16/2017. I'm actually doing stuff this month!

    • Changing the topnav tab?
      • I might change it from "Creator Resources" to either just "Resources" or "Starter Kit." I don't know just yet; but i'll think of something.

    • Complete rewrite of SeriesBy.
      • I'm probably gonna end up deleting it and then updating it with the modern infobox code. Sure it sounds dumb but hey, I'm dumb.
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  • Xyaena

    It has been months since I last did my blog.

    Eh... nothing major happened so far, but a lot of little things went by. Nothing below the belt.

    Always being with my Foxon, (not Pik, he said some things I couldn't forgive) checking Discord, and finally taking some of my time to edit this Wiki. I might've stood there and be like "this Wiki is kinda dead" for a moment.

    I've been doing a lot on my Wiki that I started a few days ago, and so far, templates are a pain.

    Eventually I'll get over it, but for now, my pencil is tapping so hard, I must return to my work before all of this was for nothing.

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  • Ducky Ducklett

    Yeah I think we all know I wasn't _actually_ hacked pff

    happy april fools guys 👌 i love y'all

    I'm actually gonna tweak the colours for like, reals tho. Dunno to what-- definitely keeping the grey colours, though.

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  • Ducky Ducklett

    HACKED!!!!! LOL

    April 1, 2017 by Ducky Ducklett


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  • Ducky Ducklett

    (might as well update this for general pages/templates that have to be created, right?)

    Up to date as of 3/3/2017. Happy Switch Day!

    • Voice page
      • I don't think I'll have room to contain all of the downloadable voices i want to share on the TopNav-- so maybe i'll turn this into a page of it's own.
        • On that note, i should totally make a list of voices i need to upload. I won't be sharing my IVONA collection b/c that'd be piracy, but I can probably share the free voices I have downloaded.
    • Music links!
      • Links to things like Incompetech. I don't know if I'll actually do this either, but it's something I'm definitely considering.
    • Changing the topnav tab?
      • I might change it from "Creator Resources" to either just "Resources" or "Starter Kit." I don't know jus…

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  • Ducky Ducklett

    commcorner draft

    March 3, 2017 by Ducky Ducklett

     All of these rules are strictly enforced. Anyone caught breaking them will receive bans accordingly. Infractions are Light, Medium or Severe. Severe infractions will result in a permanent ban from the wiki. To see these rules in more detail, as well as more rules than these four, please refer to The Wiki Constitution.

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  • Nkrs200


    March 1, 2017 by Nkrs200

    Well, it has been a long time since I blogged on here.  So, you are probably wondering how I am back on the wiki and back in he community.  Allow me to explain in the most simplest of ways ever possible:  Ducky allowed me back in under one condition, and that condition is that I would have to be watched over closely.  Honestly, I am truly thankfully for Ducky to allow me back in.  Without them, I would still feel isolated off in my own little box (Ryan, pls don't cry tears of joy while typing this because real men don't cry).

    In times of peace, there is harmony. In times of chaos, there is rebellion. In times of anger, there is distrust. In times of sorrow, there is grief. We all need to accept the fact that I am back. I want to make my comeba…

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  • Ducky Ducklett


    February 27, 2017 by Ducky Ducklett

    dont put your full birthday here (mdy)

    it makes easier to spot the underagers

    or do it, idrc-- but i have a right to ban if you're underage ;)

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  • Ducky Ducklett


    February 26, 2017 by Ducky Ducklett
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  • Lucia-chansans


    February 19, 2017 by Lucia-chansans

    Should I create an ask blog for my Sam? Oh, and I'll also answer questions on the blog if you use the term "kas"(not to be confused with Kass, a character on the blog). Or you could just, ask my main...

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  • Ducky Ducklett

    This is a public list of templates that i need to create or modify. Current as of 2/6/2017.

    None as far as I know.

    I really, really need to adjust this for more series but GOD i can't be bothered, school stress is a pain. Anyone else wanna do it? Let me know if I protected the page while I wasn't looking.

    I might remove the border-radius to have it better match the stock infobox.

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  • SansUT1

    Template test

    January 16, 2017 by SansUT1
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  • Ducky Ducklett

    UPDATE: SeasonBox and SeasonBox2 are now live and ready! OvO7

    This is a public list of templates that i need to create or modify. Current as of 1/12/2017.

    Basically a semi-modified fork of , this template will have two modes-- SeasonBox and SeasonBox2.

    Because SeasonBox would be running modified code from CastBox (Which in itself runs modified Infobox code), the current parameter limit for CastBox is 10 characters per box (Which is why in most /Cast subpages, you see the character lists split into 2 or 3 different boxes.) My best option for this is to modify the code heavily, which oftentimes ends up breaking the code more than actually making it work. Otherwise, my only other option is to remove all the if statements that clean up the InfoBox…

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  • Ducky Ducklett



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  • Ducky Ducklett

    misc ideas

    January 3, 2017 by Ducky Ducklett
    • Project Eridan: Always Signs
      • Babs riffing on signs. What could go wrong?
    • Project N: Ned n' Nat
      • Two rejected NSA Agents (Nedison Smith Alexander and Natalie Shark Anderson) are always on the hunt for Microsoft Sam. They fail spectacularly.
    • Project Infinity: StarStruck
      • Basically The Hollywood Life except better
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