All About Batman

Last season

2nd (February 6, 2010- May 30, 2010)

Air Date

Season 1: September 18 - November 27, 2009

Season 2: February 6, 2010 - May 30, 2010


Friday-Sunday, depending upon progress



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All About Batman with Joker is a talk show program made by motzPHaragas, hosted by Batman and Joker. It ran from September 18 to November 27, 2009 on its debut season. The second season ran February 5, 2010 until May 30, 2010.

Name and inspiration

It's name came from a Korean television drama "All About Eve," which was remaked by his country, the Philippines on GMA-7. The network produced that talk show was MBS (coincidentally, a YouTube network by motzPHaragas, as now called Sirius Philippines). On September 11, Batman spoke much on giving a moment of silence during the commemoration of the 9/11 attacks. God7619Gryphon, being a fan of Batman, liked and inspired him to make "The Batman and Joker Show."

Status and creation

The program airs during freetime and sets on hold due to school matters. The longest break is about two weeks. The first season packed 47 minutes and 7 seconds, not counting sketchies and trailers. There are 10 episodes on the premiered season. The current season expanded from 10 to 12, by public demand. The current timing of the second season (as of May 30) is 57 minutes and 24 seconds (not including the trailer).

Summary by season

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The first season made some interviews and opinions such as Jody Waterhouse, the Sirius panel manager until the knowing of the real name of mock haters.

The second season added some question at the end of each episode (failed to get attention) with more humor and audience. In the fifth episode, PsiPaula4 became a guest after completing 13 parts of Mother Saga after a year of filming. Finishing the interview, GWizard777 arrested her with no reason and later shot by God7619Gryphon, 2FunnyVersionIV and Thunderbirds101 on his testicles. A new law will be shown and release to the TTS video makers on April 29. This marks an ethical and peaceful unity in Wiki community. On the seventh episode, sparks are released on war. The Jejemon Virus was discovered in the ninth episode and tested by Microsoft Sam. The result is that the symptom also includes calculating the universe by diving by zero. The final fight began in the eleventh episode of the ending series. GWizard777 surrendered with his aides: JakeTv370 and ninwiimatt.


This program was created by the program Adobe Premiere Pro and a SP Studio to model characters. Now, the second season, gaining an new background and new set, the creator made a reservation by personal message, comments and video responses.