Yes, we are aware that the tower bears a strong resemblance to the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower from Shanghai. It isn't, though.

Akriloth Tower is a fictional broadcasting station located in a West Hampshire, England, and is the central headquarters of British YouTube TV network, Akriloth2160TV. It has also come under significant media interest due to the incredible amount of alternate functions it serves as well as a television studio.

In December 2012, Sam and Mike broke into the Speakonia branch of the tower to try and find out what happened to the numerous text-to-speech shows that Akriloth had left abandoned. It turns out that they broke in just as Radar Overseer Scotty was renovating it for the grand return of Speakonia to Akriloth's video output, and had written several slapdash, surreal (by comparison) conclusions to each series, usually involving waffles. This was as a result of Akriloth's brand new strict "no unresolved cliffhangers" policy he inflicted on himself during this renovation.

In tommy62702 goanimate videos, it is located in Williams Street Robloxia.


On his travels through an unspecified part of West Hampshire in England, current owner Akriloth2160 came across an upper-class businessman trying in earnest to get into his car. It turned out the man was locked out of his car, and Akriloth2160 offered to help open the car in exchange for ownership of the large, barren tower that he was spotted exiting. The man reluctantly agreed, and so Akriloth pulled on a pair of army tracksuit bottoms and successfully unlocked the car by doing the Unimaginative Dance against the car door. The man drove off swiftly and was never seen again. It is currently unconfirmed if the disappearance of this man could be connected to a recent UFO sighting about 20 miles away from the tower. After selling off a gigantic pile of Aztec gold discovered in the basement of the tower (which turned out to be the foyer to a nuclear bunker several miles away from the tower), Akriloth2160 gathered the resources necessary to turn the tower into a TV studio, and managed to hire the right acts for the job. Over time, the (bizarrely) numerous alternative functions of the tower have gradually become uncovered.

(No prizes for spotting the incredibly lame pun in this paragraph)

Features/Alternate functions

  • TV Studios
  • Storage of alternate form of a giant robot which not only causes mass destruction, but also provides intense advertising for Google (It was this robot that killed Steve Ballmer, the creator of The Really Sucky Virus)
  • Deep underground basement originally containing huge piles of Aztec gold sold to fund the renovation of the tower. Contains a tunnel which leads to a nuclear bunker several miles away from the tower
  • Transmitter on the top of the tower can transmit a signal which can disrupt ki auras, which was exactly how Weegee 9000 continues to be unable to navigate anywhere near the tower while powered up.
  • in tommy62702 goanimate videos, is also used for holding tournaments like rc car races, beyblade tournaments, firework shows, and logo conventions.